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My name is Lynne Roebuck – I improve profitability via customer experience and ease-of-shop

The greatest potential for growth today lies in how you sell, not what you sell (or what price you sell at). Improving how you sell is core to what I do.

Abandoned shopping basket
Abandoned shopping baskets are not exclusive to the digital world, and digital baskets don't exist in a bubble, unaffected by experiences in the real world.

I've a high calibre track record of working on customer experience and ease-of-shop within the context of strategic transformation projects, helping to reposition major players in their markets for improved profitability.

Aug 2018

Actively seeking next assignment

I work with Executive Boards to improve profitability, mainly via end-to-end customer experience enhancement, including adding clarity and ease to shopping experiences. All strategic projects, which have directly benefitted the long term viability of business models. The resulting reduction in barriers to sales, increase in customer satisfaction and greater efficiency serving the customer, has driven increased profitability.

"What you do is unique, and business is crying out for it" Group Chairman, Sydney Kitchens Group

Always working with expertise drawn from the business under review, I articulate current situations and future visions in a way everyone, regardless of silo specialism, can quickly understand and engage with. Projects benefit from enhanced multi-disciplinary collaboration, analysis and solution creation, that underpins Executive confidence, enables strategic decision-making and results in step-change improvements in business models.

"Everything they touch turns to gold" Group Chairman, Travis Perkins Plc

My recent experience includes a sales process analysis/solution proposal project in Australia (currently being implemented) and a business model improvement project for a major player in the UK trade/DIY sector. Based in North Yorkshire, UK, with easy access to the East Coast mainline and motorway system, I'm able to, and regularly do, travel for work. See my LinkedIn profile for more detail.

The consultacy project space at the clients facility
Project space at a FTSE 100 Group Innovation Centre in the Midlands, UK. While it looks 'pretty', it was very much a working space, where the project team were based full-time (through the doorway).

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I can be contacted via my LinkedIn profile or my contact form on this website. I look forward to speaking with you.

My last seven years have been an incredible intense learning experience of the highest calibre.