About me

10 years experience creating flying machines

Unfortunately, I do not own this particular flying machine. One day, maybe. (Photo: Patrick Schopflin. UnSplash)
A picture of lift-off, with bright burning fuel providing the all important energy

My name is Lynne Roebuck, I'm an experienced consultant, and I'm based in Yorkshire, in the UK.

In numbers

A plc's quest for strategic projects success

A £6.4bn UK plc, a group of 21 companies, was struggling to achieve success with its strategic projects. It's not unusual.

Nearly 75% of all business transformation initiatives fail to achieve revenue and margin goals., according to research by KPMG.

McKinsey & Co agree: The academic research is really clear that when corporations launch transformations, roughly 70% fail.

I was part of a boutique consultancy working for the plc, and the successful initiatives were routinely in our corner.

The prototype Strategic Projects Centre (above) served as work area, engagement zone, and project presentation suite. It was sited in an unassuming warehouse on a large industrial estate in the Midlands, UK.

Noting our consistently successful outcomes, in sharp contrast to their other initiatives, the Group Executive decided to set up a Strategic Projects Centre around us. Other projects were sent to work in the space.

The plc hoped to improve their success rate by absorbing our way of working into their DNA.

The winning way of working behind the success of these major projects is one I instigated and developed.

My approach creates a common understanding and enhanced collaboration, where all business functions are on the same page.

The Strategic Projects Centre, illustrated above, was a prototype. The vision developed by the plc included constructing a bespoke building to house the activity. I understand they had a site already, though I'm not sure how far they progressed with the architectural project. This was at a time when remote working was a rarity. A facility like this is not essential, though it does create a focus and energy for a business.

No one has contributed as much, as consistently, over as long… Group CEO, Travis Perkins plc

My career in 5 sentences

  1. Trained as a product designer originally, I've applied human‑centred Design Thinking on behalf of business since before Design Thinking was a thing.
  2. The direction my skills took was cast in an early matrix organisation, where multi‑disciplinary teams were constructed around specific (large and extremely complex) projects.
  3. My skill in managing complexity for customers created a demand for my input beyond my solo capacity, and the team I developed was born.
  4. Joining a highly respected boutique consultancy, working directly for a £6.4bn plc's Executive team, brought it all together, and my whole became greater than the sum.
  5. While self‑employed, I've extended my skills over sectors and functions (always near the customer).
Whew, good to take a breather, lads. Three members of a projects team hiking in the Scottish highlands, in January.