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A path less travelled (Photo: Lynne Roebuck. Nettledale in the Yorkshire Wolds)
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One in 12k of people may have my skills. How did I arrive at this numer? Numbers get attention, and I added one to the 'In Numbers' section, above, for fun. The number claims I've got a one in 12k expertise.

How did I get that number?

Though I did it in fun, I think it's actually not that far out. So how did I come up with the statistic?

This is not a serious analysis. It's a fun exercise relying on a bit of logic, and even less data. Here's how I worked it out.

A path less travelled

66.56m ÷ (((109 x 2) x 25) - (𝑥 + 𝑥)) = 12,229.36

Conclusion: one in 12,229.36 people in the UK (at most) may have similar expertise to me. Many are likely to be project management focused however, and there's possibly very few who will have Design Thinking skills.

References & notes

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  4. There are other industries that deal with large complex projects. They will also employ people to identify the job‑to‑do, and communicate it. How many are bidding for projects worth £92m and above, is another matter.
  5. 𝑥 = 0. No data available.