Serving The Customer Better

Customer Experience, Propositions and Strategy

Which beach hut feature do I need, and which do I not need? Most propositions are opaque.  (Photo: Dave Robinson on Unsplash)
Optimised customer proposition is like a well-oiled machine

I've a career that's never been far from the customer. It now includes 10 years helping business improve how it serves the customer, consistently delivering step‑change growth.

Below: an overview of how I apply my expertise. Below that: a list of where I make a difference (Services).

Specialist in Serving The Customer Better

I bring a way of working that's especially powerful in the complex and fuzzy maze of serving the customer well. Here's an overview of how.

I work with management teams, or within project teams, with colleagues and/or other stakeholders. I lead investigations into the reality of how well the business is serving the customer. Based on the analysis, I identify and design solutions.

  • As part of an on-going project, or on stand‑alone assignments
  • Relating to these areas(all, some, or one):
    • Customer experience/journeys
    • Propositions, including own‑brand development
    • Market and customer strategy
    • Customer communications (Associated with journeys and/or propositions for example).
  • Answering a single question, or analysing an area/channel of concern or segment (customer, customer experience)
  • Alternatively, a wider scope: customer, market, communications strategies, or the entire end-to-end customer experience


  • Working on‑site, remotely, or using an optimal mix of the two
  • Using workshops, interviews, and engagement sessions to uncover reality
  • The perfect triad of data (customer and performance), behavioural research, and real world information (qual & quant, knowledge and experience the business owns)
  • My high collaboration, transparent, co-creation methodology delivers the clearest integrated view the business has ever had
  • External stakeholders and partners voices, such as suppliers and advisers, can be included as appropriate
  • All delivered in a form that makes management decision‑making easier

Customer Experience Services ↓

Customer Experience Analysis & Design Services

Ways to engage me in your quest for growth

Scope: End-to-end, multichannel, specific touchpoint/channel or anything between.
Note: (CX = Customer Experience)

  • 'As-is' CX analysis (including mapping)
  • 'To-be' CX design/improvement
  • 'Could-be' CX design (blank canvas)
  • CX communications review (overlaid on customer journey)
  • General communications review and design
  • Support existing activity/projects by helping to articulate complex things, simply, whether for an internal or external audience
  • Work with a wide range of internal stakeholders leading/enabling/facilitating CX workshops, to support teams
  • Develop customer strategies and brand/value propositions
  • Strategic assessment against CX maturity model

The way I work helps when complexity is high, several disciplines/silos are involved (differing views are entrenched), or there is low engagement.

My approach is transparent, creates easy to understand outputs, is co‑created and therefore collectively owned. It leads to a high level of collaboration and engagement.