Customer Experience

Helping customers navigate

Which beach hut feature do I need, and which do I not need? Most propositions are opaque.  (Photo: Dave Robinson on Unsplash)
Optimised customer proposition is like a well-oiled machine

I bring an unusually well developed understanding of how customers make sense of things. It's the result of my origins in Design Thinking, and the untypical nature of my early career.

Below is an overview of my customer experience value. Below that is a list of specific services. This is how I help business grasp the many opportunities for growth that lie in this complex and subtle area.

Customer Experience Specialist

Working with management teams, or within project teams, with colleagues and/or other stakeholders, I lead investigations into the reality of how well the business is serving the customer, and identify solutions.


  • Can be part of an on-going project or a stand‑alone assignment
  • Potential areas of interest:
    • Customer experience/journeys
    • Propositions, including own‑brand development
    • Market and customer strategy
    • Customer communications strategy associated with journeys and/or propositions.
  • Address a single question, an area/channel of concern, or segment (customer, customer experience)
  • Alternatively, a wider scope: customer, market, communications strategies or the entire end-to-end customer experience


  • Produces the clearest integrated view using my unique process (See projects specialist) and specialist insight into customer sense‑making
  • Completed on‑site, remotely, or using an optimal mix of the two
  • Includes workshops, interviews, and engagement sessions to uncover reality
  • Draws out information (qual & quant), knowledge and experience within the business
  • External stakeholders and partners voices, such as suppliers and advisers, can be included if needed
  • Delivered in a form that makes management decision‑making easier

Sense‑making How customers make sense of what they see or experience. How much customers understand affects their actions, navigation and decisions. Ultimately it impacts on whether they buy, delay, seek advice, look elsewhere, or don't buy. Confused customers don't buy.

Customer Experience Assignments

Ways to engage me in your quest for growth

Scope: End-to-end, multichannel, specific touchpoint/channel or anything between.

  • 'As-is' customer experience analysis (including mapping)
  • 'To-be' customer experience design/improvement. Enabler for customer‑centred process improvement.
  • 'Could-be' customer experience design (blank canvas)
  • Customer experience communications review (overlaid on customer journey)
  • Communications design
  • Work with a wide range of internal stakeholders enabling/facilitating customer experience workshops, to support teams
  • Help develop customer strategies and brand/value propositions
  • Strategic assessment against customer experience maturity model

The way I work helps when complexity is high, several disciplines/silos are involved, or there is low engagement.

My approach is transparent, creates easy to understand outputs, is co‑created and therefore collectively owned. It leads to a high level of collaboration and engagement.