Projects Specialist

Projects that fly like well oiled machines

Detail of a BMW K1100 Cafe Racer – a well oiled machine. I believe the photographer is the owner  (Photo: Giorgio De Angelis on Pexels)
Optimised customer proposition is like a well-oiled machine

I provide projects expertise that enhances the outcomes of any project. I bring a way of working proven over 10 years on major transformation projects for a £6.4b UK plc.

Below is an overview of how I help projects deliver.

Projects Expertise

Working with project and programme directors, and managers, I help project teams fly higher using my unique process, developed over 10 years of major transformation projects.

This way of working compliments project management frameworks, such as Lean and Prince2, but it's not reliant on them.

Process Characteristics

  • Co-creation focussed
  • Transparent – creating high engagement, inclusivity and ownership
  • Iterative (Agile)
  • Easily and quickly understood (visual)
  • Inherently collaborative (encourages and enables critique, and rich discussions. Removes any "not my area" caution).
  • Aggregates views (data, knowledge) to achieve greater insight and clarity (qualitative/quantitative)
  • Developed and proven over 10 years on complex tranformation projects

Especially good for…

  • Producing robust outcomes that lead to step‑change growth
  • Enabling Executive teams and Business Unit Board decisions
  • Avoiding drift and absorbing uncertainty
  • Uncovering blindspots, holes, gaps, and misunderstandings that slip through all other nets
  • Wicked problems, and where qualitative or fuzzy information is the key
  • All modes of working, including remote and hybrid
  • High complexity
  • Where functional alignment is important, or internal myths are entrenched

A plc was so impressed with results, they set up a dedicated strategic project centre with my way of working as its focus.